INDIe is an Erasmus + Project (2018-1-ES01-KA201-050924) in the field of school education, that falls within the category of “Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation”. It started on September 1st 2018 and will last three years up to August 31st 2021. It is coordinated by the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain, through the Digital Content Creation Center (, which mission is to empower teachers for an improved learning process.

The INDIE project aims at boosting the use of digital instructional contents for education in both primary and secondary schools by 1) providing a tool to help teachers to become authors of rich digital learning units 2) creating repositories on a regional level where authors publish their learning units and other teachers can become “consumers” of this material for their own classes.

The objective is to empower teachers so that they can deliver high quality teaching and help them adopting new learning methodologies: flipped classroom, blended learning, adaptive learning, etc…, which are student centred and seek to ensure that learners are engaged and drive their individual learning experience. As an output of the project, a number of teachers/authors will have created digital contents, used them in class, and published them in the repository for others teachers to use, but, more importantly, the structure will be set up, at a regional level, for the regional authorities for education to promote a much wider use of the platform within the community of teachers and schools, by launching official calls for training and creating digital contents.


Give access to digitally skilled teachers to the authoring tool INDIeAuthor which is being developed within the Digital Content Production Center of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
Develop a repository, INDIeOpen, for publication of learning units created with INDIeAuthor. The repository will include a search functionality and a rating system with inclusion of comments
Produce a set of of open learning units and upload them to the repository from a variety of subjects and school levels


INDIe Team

To achieve its goals, INDIe has built a strong team which strength relies on the diversity of profiles, of cultures, of background of educational contexts and practice:

  • Three countries from across Europe.
  • Two universities, two regional educational authorities, five secondary schools, one with a strong focus on vocational training, two primary schools and one non-profit organization.
  • A good gender balance, for example in the kick-off meeting: 15 female and 17 male participants.
Get to know us

Expected results and milestones

  • Summer 2019
  • Summer 2020

    Report on INDIeVideo exp.

    INDIe learning units

  • Autumn 2020

    INDIeOpen v1.0

    INDIeAuthor tool v1.5

  • Spring 2021

    INDIeOpen v1.5

    INDIeAuthor tool v2.0

  • Summer 2021

    INDIe Learning units

    Reports on the INDIe experiments in the classroom