Our school is situated in a multicultural school environment, pupils with mixed abilities and special educational psychological needs. There are pupils, aged 6-12 years old, from different countries (mostly Albanian, Romanian and asylum seekers from Syria, Kurdistan and Iran ) and social status ( some children come from very poor families with low educational level). Nearby our school there is also an orphanage , "Agia Tabitha", whose orphans attend our school. As a result, it is very hard for teachers to cope with so many different types of pupils. There are also some Rom (gypsies) in our school who have a different way of life, that`s why it is difficult to get accustomed to the school programme. It is very demanding for teachers to make them interested in the learning process. So, this project would give us a chance to attract those pupils` attention and give them the confidence to work with their classmates on a better basis and as a consequence to come close with their peers and feel happy about what they have achieved. Our vision is for this school to be an inclusive, happy safe environment where doors open for each child to flourish as a citizen in an ever changing world. Greece, however, is undergoing through a serious crisis and we believe that one of the ways out is education quality which depends on a great deal on the qualified professionals involved. Therefore the role of teachers proves to be the fundamental cornerstone of the educational system. Because of the introduction of the Information and Communication Technologies in our daily lives, the function of teachers in orientating learners to knowledge using the new web tools at our disposal is vital. In the process of this project, our school staff will have the chance to be trained on how to integrate technology into the curriculum, update their knowledge on digital literacy as well as acquire new skills adding a new dimension to their lessons.


Team Members

  • Sofia Zelenitsa