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The authoring tool INDIeAuthor is the first Intellectual Output of the INDie Project. It was developed and is being maintained at the Digital Content Production Center (in Spanish CPCD) of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. INDIeAuthor is an innovative tool which allows authors with no programming knowledge to, after a simple training, produce rich digital content for online publication. INDIeAuthor acts as a proxy to create HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript5 based documents and includes different components that can be used out of the box by the authors: gamification module (definition of badges, points and leaderboards) and a learning analytics module (teachers and parents can monitor the interaction of the students with the learning units).
Check the video demo

INDIeAuthor v.1.2.0 (current version)


Changes in this version

  • A new widget called True or false has been added. With this widget you will be able to create interactive quick visual elements where the user has to toggle the elements between true or false.

  • The fill the gap test widget has been changed to Test with which you will be able to create a Test container and append different questions of different type including the previously known as fill the gap question. Types are: Single answer question, fill the gap question, True or false question.

  • Now it is possible to select the aspect of a simple image between original dimensions and fit image dimensions to available space. With the original dimensions option, the image will be displayed with the dimensions that the image has, considering the available screen width and the responsive design. With the fit option, the image will adjust to the available width, scaling the image automatically.

  • Languages are now available in Evaluation units

INDIeAuthor v.1.1.0


Changes in this version

  • The user can now select a content language for content units (soon available in Evaluation Units) so the help text and instructions in the user's unit will be displayed in the selected language. The user can also change the language once the unit has been created using the Change language button.

  • Interactive videos are now compatible with INDIeMedia videos. Thus, it will be mandatory to use a video from INDIeMedia in order to create an interactive video and use the interactive video creator tool.

  • The user can also include an interactive video in a content unit by using the new Interactive video widget in INDIeAuthor.

  • A user profile panel has been added. In the panel the user can modify their account information.

    It will be possible to modify:

    • User's password.
    • Email address.
    • Complete name.
    • Name of the institution the user belongs to.
    • Country of the institution

  • If users have forgotten their password, it is possible to reset the password via email now. An email will be sent to the user's email (set in your personal information) with a link to reset the user's password.

  • You can now undo and redo actions done with widgets in your content unit.

INDIeAuthor v.1.0.0


This is the first version of the demo. This version was used during the INDIe training.