The Directorate of Secondary Education, subject to the Regional Directorate of Education, is based in Levadia and administers secondary education in Viotia Prefecture. Led by the director of education, the Directorate oversees and coordinates the secondary education in the prefecture on matters such as national educational policies, legislation, regulations, the service and financial status of teachers, as well as the establishment, operation and assessment of schools. The Directorate assists school units to improve the quality of teaching and learning by organizing training seminars for teachers and by ensuring equal access to education and services for all students. It provides technical assistance so as to meet the national curriculum standards in the core subjects of Greek language, mathematics, science and social studies as well as foreign languages, health and physical education, the arts, career/technical education. It also supports lifelong learning activities through the second chance schools and ICT seminars for all citizens of Viotia. For the administration and control of secondary education in Viotia Region, the following structures are in place: The local Education Office of Viotia, The Technological Vocational Education Office, The Physical Education Office, The Counseling and Career Guidance Center, The Vocational School Guidance Office, The Youth Advisory Center, The Natural Sciences Laboratory Center, The Information and New Technology Center.

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