Our second Transnational meeting in Levadia

From May 13th - 15th, the INDIe project had its second Transnational meeting in Levadia, Greece. People from all the partner groups gathered for three days, discussing the progress of the project, checking, in particular, for the Intellectual outputs status of development in respect to the schedule. Vivi Arouzou and the friends from Levadia did a fantastic job organizing the meeting, providing a warm atmosphere for working and networking, combining presentations with school visits, together with an amazing social program.

The program of the first day was devoted to presentations, Prof. Sarantos Psychoris, president of E3STEM, one of the Greek INDIe partners, gave a very interesting talk on Computational Pedagogy and STEM, Dr. Argyro Charokopaki, from 1st General Lyceum of Levadia, explained her experience, from a teacher's perspective, on Integrating educational technology in K12 education. Finally, Prof. Mathieu Kessler, the coordinator of the INDIe project, after mentioning the intellectual outputs to be delivered by the end of the project, together with the associated chronogram, showed a demo of the INDIeAuthor tool, already in beta version, as well as the Interactive Video building tool developed by the Center for Digital Content Production. This first day’s program was announced in all the primary and secondary schools of Levadia, so some colleagues from other schools attended, and could learn about the goals of INDIe.

Moreover, students from the 1st General Lyceum were present during the three talks, and asked quite challenging questions regarding when and where INDie results would be accessible to them, or mentioning the digital gap and how it may affect the benefits of INDIe for the schools.

In the afternoon, we had the great opportunity to visit the historical site of Delphi, learning from a passionate guide, Mrs Penny.

On the second day, Tuesday, May 14th, visits to our Greek school partners were organized. We started the day with the 2nd Primeray School of Levadia, where Eleni and Martha work. Students had prepared activities with their teachers where digital transformation takes place: the presentation of the environmental video game ‘Filogaios' (friend of the earth), to train children and increase their environmental awareness.

Eleni's class prepared a very nice activity using Google maps, where we had the opportunity to learn about Hercyna and the myth of the Herkyna River, one of the very few feminine river names in Greece. We even had the opportunity to contribute to the activity by translating and recording pieces of the legend in our own languages.

We then moved to the 7th Primary School of Levadia, where we were impressed and touched by the TED talks prepared using Thinking by Design methodology, about "What would my school look like with the INDIe project", supervised by Sofia. The groups captured the vision of INDIe and how the project aims to contribute to their education very well.

Finally, we could see how students from 1st grade had a digital empowered lesson for reading and writing

We finished our morning with a visit to the 1st General Lyceum of Levadia, where we could attend an A STEAM lesson in Biology & Physics with export designs from a 3D printer, prepared by Kostas and Lukas. We had the opportunity to chat with the students after the lesson, and we were impressed by their maturity and interest!

In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a nice guided tour to the Herkyna River with a very qualified guide who introduced us to the rich Greek mythology associated with Levadia.

We then travelled to Athens to spend our last day there.
Our friends at E3STEM had arranged a meeting at Athens Digital Lab, with people from GFOSS, the Greek Agency for Free and Open Source Software on Wednesday 15th. The vision of GFOSS coincides to a large extent with INDIe's values and goals: Open Contents, Open Software for Education and Creative Common Licences are some of the many areas which GFOSS is promoting. We had a productive exchange and agreed to meet again on our next visit to Athens for the 5th Transnational Meeting, in Fall 2020, where we will be able to present the INDIe Intellectual outputs: the authoring tool INDIeAuthor, the INDie units that our authors will have developed, and INDIeOpen, the repository where INDieUnits will be published to use and share.

For all the participants, it was an extremely nice Transnational Meeting. People could see how the tools that INDIe has committed to developing are coming to life, and that INDIeAuthor will be available for them to elaborate rich and attractive units very soon. We had the opportunity to discuss the next milestones and what is expected from each partner during the next academic year. Very importantly, the bonds within the team were strengthened during the three days together. The visits to the schools, which allowed the students to express their expectations about INDIe' s results were a great motivation boost for all the partners. The objectives of a Transnational meeting were therefore fully covered, and the INDIe community is grateful to Vivi and our Greek friends for the perfect organization!