Workshop Spanish Service for International Education SEPIE

The SEPIE, the Spanish Service for International Education,, which is the National Agency for Erasmus + projects organized a 1½ day workshop of support for Spanish KA201, KA202, KA203 and KA204 projects in the University of Almería, which celebrates its 25th anniversary. Our coordinator Mathieu Kessler attended the workshop and brought back a handful of recommendations, best practices and ideas for the success of INDIE! Very useful presentations were given on the obligations that our institutions adhere to, when participating to a Erasmus + project, the audits, evaluation and control procedures, the importance of communication and dissemination, the use of the mobility tool and the ERASMUS+ project results platform.

As a result, during the Kick-off meeting to take place in Cartagena,. 22nd – 23rd of November, we will:

  • Sign partnerships agreements.
  • Design a communication and dissemination plan.
  • Design and adhere to a quality plan.
  • Explain thoroughly the documents that are compulsory to keep during at least 5 years to justify costs, etc...

But we will also have passionate debates on education and new technologies!

The program of the workshop and the powerpoint presentations (in Spanish) can be found here, under the section “Jornada de apoyo inicial de proyectos de Asociaciones Estratégicas Erasmus+ 2018 (KA201, KA202, KA203 y KA204). 18 y 19 octubre”.