Post Kick-off Meeting post

On the day after the end of our INDIe kick-off meeting, here are a few thoughts.

From my point of view, the meeting was a great success. On the one hand, because we got to meet and begin to work together. Take into account that most of the participants did not know each other: for example, we, as the UPCT team, did not know any of the Greek or Lithuanian members or even the Spanish components. So the kick-off naturally implied a bit of uncertainty, a sort of mild anxiety, questions about how all of us will get along together, how will individual bits combine and build up a team that must bring the INDIe project to success after three years of work. In that regard, the picture became completely clear: we have built a strong team with different partners' profiles. As we discussed the schedule, the intermediate and final results to be achieved, the distribution of tasks among partners and possible classroom educational projects within the INDie philosophy more concretely, we all got enthusiastic about the possibilities that INDie enables in terms of the improvement of the learning process.

We are all convinced that education is key to the future of our societies and the only way to find solutions to the great challenges that we are facing: immigration, climate change, sustainability, the irruption of Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of our lives, etc... As educators, we want to have an impact, and the project is a great opportunity to maximize it. "Go big or go home", we are going to go big!

Moreover, the strength of the INDIe alliance relies on the diversity of profiles, of cultures, of background of educational contexts and practice:

  • Three countries from across Europe.
  • Two universities, two regional educational authorities, five secondary schools, one with a strong focus on vocational training, two primary schools and one non-profit organization.
  • A good gender balance in the kick-off meeting: 15 female and 17 male participants.

As a result, INDIe will involve computer engineers, university students, university teachers, experts in teaching methodologies and e-learning, high school and primary school teachers, and hundreds of pupils from 6 to 18 years old! In two days, we had the opportunity to clarify the next steps to be taken, and the decisions that will have to be settled in the next months. We could also emphasize the importance of the communication of our activities and the dissemination of the results. We agreed on developing a Quality plan in order to ensure the high quality of the results that will be achieved. And moreover, we had the chance to talk, debate, and have fun together! One of the star moments was undoubtedly the shooting of the scenes required for our first interactive video, where we all laughed so much!

Now we are all back home and at our schools and universities, but the links are woven, and INDIe has initiated its movement towards boosting the generation and sharing of digital contents for teaching at all levels!

Mathieu Kessler, coordinator of INDIe.