"Hello... hum..."

When facing the decision of how to include the names and pictures of INDIe team members in our webpage we decided to go a different way, and discarded the "classic" table with the list of members in the left column and their pictures in the right column. Was there a more INDIeish way of displaying the same information?.

One of the purposes of having the names and pictures of the members on the webpage was that people could check it occasionaly, for example before meetings, to refresh their memory of who is who, and avoid the embarrassing moment of "Hello hum...Sorry, I am afraid I have forgotten your name", while sneaking a look at the ID card. Thus, it is really content/knowledge/information that we would like to acquire, assimilate and then refresh from time to time. This is exactly the context of many of the activities that INDIe will allow teachers to incorporate in their learning units! One of them is a variant of the traditional matching pairs game, that we often use in the online enriched units we generate at the CPCD, UPCT.

So there we are! We set up a matching pairs activity with pictures and names. We then even enhance the experience more by providing the pronunciation of the name by the member him or herself. You can practice the perfect Spanish, Lithuanian, Greek (or French!) pronunciation of our names and brag about it in the next Transnational meeting (this last part is not INDIeish though)!

Check the INDIe team matching pairs activity