Interactive video for learning

The CPCD (Centro de Producción de Contenidos Digitales) of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena is developing a tool for teachers to easily elaborate an interactive video, using HTML-5 features. We very strongly believe in the great potential of interactive videos for learning, and several of our school partners have volunteered to produce interactive videos with their class, using the first "beta" version of the tool, They will report the experience within INDIe,

In particular, an interactive video can take the form of a quiz, and the teacher can provide rich feedback depending on the clicked answer. Check this example of English use:

It can also be useful for software or, more generally, a product demo. Check this interactive video for such a context:

Anyway, we are sure that our partners, teachers, and students will come up with very creative ideas of use of interactive videos, that we have not thought of!

To begin with, we have prepared an interactive video to present the INDIe project and the team. The video sequences were shot during our Kick-off meeting in Cartagena, and we had so much fun that day!

You cannot miss it!